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C. novemnotata larvae - packet of 50 C. novemnotata larvae - packet of 50

Eastern Coccinella novemnotata (ninespotted ladybug) larvae are selected from a colony that originated with ladybugs collected on Long Island, New York, and will be shipped only to northeastern states. They are shipped with a few green or pink fava bean aphids to snack on. Fava bean aphids will not infest other garden crops. Ninespotted ladybug larvae gobble up aphids and other small garden pests as they grow. You can help save this species while helping your garden!

Lost Ladybug Rescue is keeping track of where these larvae are released and where they successfully establish new generations. So, you will also be helping ladybug science!

Come with release instructions.

Two packets of 50 larvae ship per box, so no extra shipping charge for a second packet shipped the same day!!!

Please order live ladybugs at least a few days ahead of when you wish them to arrive! Please note that we cannot hold credit card information for more than 30 days. We will try to run the charges as close as possible to shipping your order. But if you order far in advance {a great idea in every other way!!!} your credit card will be charged ahead of shipping.

More information about the ninespotted ladybug and how this project began can be found here.

Price per unit: $55.00
Restoration Station - Educational Kits Restoration Station - Educational Kits

Students participate in real scientific research!

Lost Ladybug Restoration Stations let you watch your very own ninespotted ladybugs grow from hatching eggs to aphid gobbling larvae, to sedentary pupae, to beautiful rare ladybugs you can release in your neighborhood. We'll send you everything you need - except for the water {and the love}. You start by planting fava beans and when the plants have grown enough to survive a temporary aphid infestation we will send your C. novemnotata eggs. All you need to do is add a bit of water for the plants and watch the natural system unfold.

Demonstrates plant development, complete insect metamorphosis, and plant-insect and predator interactions. With multiple kits you can experiment and observe what happens when aphids are left on plants without ladybugs!

Restoration Stations will be available beginning in the spring of 2018. Please contact us for information, group pricing and educational packages.
Unfortunately, Restoration Kit orders have been suspended for 2020.

Price Per Kit (Minimum Order of 3) $35.00
Group Packages (20 kit minimum) starting at $500.00
Skype with a Scientist Skype with a Scientist

Leslie Allee and Rebecca Smyth are both Cornell University PhD entomologists who have been working with the Lost Ladybug Project for more than 8 years. In this capacity, they have spent a large portion of their time working with citizen scientists of all ages, both in person and via various computer connections, in both formal and informal educational settings. Skyping with groups of curious students is something they both love!

Spanish programming is also available.

30 Minutes: $50.00
Adult C. novemnotata Ladybugs Adult C. novemnotata Ladybugs

Occasionally we have extra larvae that grow all the way up in our lab and become available for sale as adult Coccinella novemnotata (ninespotted) ladybugs. Eastern C. novemnotata are selected from a colony that originated with ladybugs collected on Long Island, New York, and will be sold only to residents of northeastern states. Adult ladybugs continue to gobble aphids and small garden pests and won't fly far away unless they run out of food! Adults are perfect for release in educational settings, on their own or in combination with larvae, where participants will especially enjoy getting to know the ladybugs they will be scouting for in the future.

For reintroduction we recommend a minimum of 10 -20 adults should be released. Educational groups can still add just a few adults to orders of larvae.

Please order live ladybugs ahead of time - at least before noon on the day before you wish them to arrive!

Price per unit: $5.00