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Adult C. novemnotata Ladybugs

Adult C. novemnotata Ladybugs

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Occasionally we have extra larvae that grow all the way up in our lab and become available for sale as adult Coccinella novemnotata (ninespotted) ladybugs. Eastern C. novemnotata are selected from a colony that originated with ladybugs collected on Long Island, New York, and will be sold only to residents of northeastern states. Adult ladybugs continue to gobble aphids and small garden pests and won't fly far away unless they run out of food! Adults are perfect for release in educational settings, on their own or in combination with larvae, where participants will especially enjoy getting to know the ladybugs they will be scouting for in the future.

For reintroduction we recommend a minimum of 20 adults should be released. We may not fill orders for fewer than 20 adults. Educational groups can still add just a few adults to orders of larvae.

Please ask about availability before placing an order for adult ladybugs!

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